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Entire family estate plan - $575

  • 2 Wills
  • 2 Health care directives 
  • 2 Power of attorneys

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 PERSONAL ATTENTION:  Estate Planning and Probate are  personal areas of the law.  Often times, clients contact me because they need to set up an estate plan to make it easier for their adult children when they die or they want to it made clear who their minor children's guardians will be if something happens if something happens before the kids are adults.  Other times clients have just had a loved-one pass away  and they  need help with probate.  Often times, this is my clients first interaction with an attorney.  The client is in a vulnerable position as they are talking about passing away, or dealing with a death.  They are discussing their finances and they need a mature person who can take the time to listen to them.

My background is different than other metro-attorneys.  I was raised in rural Montana in a family full of lawyers.  We  learned to treat our clients like family.  I care about my clients.  After 27 years of practice, I still meet clients in the evening at their homes.  I charge a reasonable fee because I believe everyone should have an estate plan and be able to get help with an informal probate.  Watching my dad and two brothers help people taught me that practicing law is helping people. I would truly enjoy the opportunity to learn about helping your family. Please call me at 651-399-6436.

I can help you with-Wills, Testamentary Trusts, Transfer on Death Deeds, Simple Probate, Form Probate,  Trusts, Health Care Directives, Powers of Attorneys, Creditors' Claims, Small Estate Affidavits.    


PREDICTABLE BILLS: My  experience allows me to provide in writing a price estimate for most  cases.  Estate planning and probate are personal legal matters. Most Minnesota Family law matters can be accomplished in a certain  fee range.  My clients pay for my twenty- five years of legal experience not  fancy office furniture.   


Looking  for an attorney in Eagan, Burnsville, Apple Valley or a surrounding  south metro location in the Twin Cities, Minnesota?  Kathleen M. Browne  offers legal services including divorce, dissolution, custody, probate,  wills, estate planning..

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